X-ray concrete? That’s what GPR is all about

Ground penetrating radar brings futuristic technology into the lives of Florida builders, contractors, remodelers, geologists, and archeologists. 

This scientific method is in demand for forensics and missing persons cases as well. In fact, it is truly the future of everything from environmental assessment to geology to archeology. For instance, the same technology that can x-ray concrete is used by the military when they are looking for unexploded bombs and other ordinances. Also, GPR can be used for bridge delimination testing. Furthermore, it can locate graves. Just as importantly, it can prove that there are no graves located on a building site. 

Using sound waves and computer imaging, ground penetrating radar can essentially x-ray concrete. These imaging inspections reveal imperfections in existing concrete structures. This is an important tool in a Florida contractor’s tool box. After all, he doesn’t want to build on top of a poor foundation. Each time GPR is used to x-ray concrete, the look below the surface can provide a Florida contractor with a geologically sound picture of the building site. It puts the tools of a geologist in the hands of a Florida builder and ensures that a remodeled or new structure has a firm foundation.

The same GPR can eliminate any concerns about grave sites or archeological discoveries by confirming their absence from a building site. This can be essential when trying to move forward with a construction project. 

Qualified contractors have a unique tool in GPR because not only can it x-ray concrete but also can determine much about the topography of the land. With this technology, experts can provide a geophysical survey of land and buried structures. It can detect and map where buried utilities are. This mapping can help builders prevent costly accidents. It can save valuable time because builders know from the beginning what areas to avoid. GPR provides void detection as well. 

In all, any money spent on GPR is quickly paid back in terms of money saved. There are fewer unexpected expenses and it becomes more likely that a contractor or builder will finsh their project on time. This is important whether the building is built on speculation or under contract.

In Florida, where swampy land, sandy soil and high water tables cause building headaches, it is great to know that there is ground penetrating radar avaialble. It’s almost as good as having Superman sight that can x-ray concrete.