GPR is science in action in South Florida

Imagine being able to x-ray concrete. That’s one of the ways that Ground Penetrating Radar can help those in the building industry. Ground Penetrating Radar uses sound waves and computers to find and map everything from graves to buried utility lines. 

Imagine a Naples builder, a Miami contractor, a Ft. Lauderdale surveyor or an Orlando architect who is able to see what lies beneath a building site. This has the sound of science fiction but it is a reality with Ground Penetrating Radar. GPR can be used for bridge delamination testing, which is essential to the well-being of those in South Florida traveling to Miami Beach or Tampa Bay. This same great technology is in use by builders and contractors all over Florida, especially in South Florida. This concrete imaging has many uses for builders. Concrete imaging has become the norm for Naples, Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, all over South Florida and the state of Florida. 

First it helps to understand how concrete imaging is used. For instance, a Naples builder wants to ensure that the place where he wishes to build is not an ancient Native American burial ground. GPR can x-ray concrete or the ground to provide the data to disprove this claim. IA Ft. Lauderdale surveyer uses the technology to detect voids that can cause settling during or after construction. A builder in Fort Lauderdale locates utilities on his property before he makes the mistake of digging into them or building over them. This is true of builders anywhere in Florida whether its Miami or Orlando or Naples. GPR, which includes concrete imaging, makes the building process run much smoother. 

In Florida, forensics teams can use Ground Penetrating Radar to find buried clues. In South Florida, archeologists and geologists are using it to study the topography of the region. All over Florida, the military is training to use the x-ray concrete technology to find unexploded bombs and other dangerous, buried ordinances. Tampa and Orlando contractors are putting this same technology to work for them. Through the GPR’s ability to essentially x-ray concrete, they can see what’s buried on the building site. This technology is used by geologists, scientists and environmental researchers. Now that it is possible to x-ray concrete, the technology has achieved broad appeal. 

No matter where you build in South Florida, be it Naples, Orlanda, Tampa, Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, builders need GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) to help them avoid costly mistakes and to put their buildings on the firmest possible foundations.