Core Drilling

Our team specializes in Core Drilling and Cutting after scanning is completed.​

Airfield & Kiosks

Our advanced scanning services can detect and protect existing utilities and structural supports in concrete for new free standing and self service kiosks.


MD Concrete locates post tension cables and reinforcing steel in existing structures to ensure safe and efficient drilling and anchoring.


Locating and accurate detection of electrical conduits is essential for preventing safety risks, power outages and costly damages.


We locate plumbing embedding in concrete prior to trenching and core drilling.


Scanning and locating the layout of rebar allows contractors or homeowners to get a clear picture of what lies beneath helping projects or inspections.

If an unlicensed contractor has done work without a permit or the proper inspections, GPR can supply proof of rebar, ties, loops, steel and depth of concrete to meet the city inspection and engineers specifications to save your project.

Call MD Concrete Imaging before you Cut, Core, or Drill!

You will receive the best customer service, most precise readings and the best rates!