Safer Constuction In Florida With Concrete Imaging

In the past, Florida building constructors and ground crews had to dig new ground blindly. There was no technology to warn them that they could be digging up live wires, pipes, post tension cables and other embedded building materials. This caused high risk to the men and equipment on construction sites. Today’s technology offers the Florida construction industry a safer alternative by using concrete imaging to locate post tension cables and other embedded structures.

What Is Concrete Imaging?
Imaging concrete uses a detection device to allow builders, contractors and drilling companies to know what kind of embedded structures lay beneath the construction site. Imaging technology allows construction teams to evaluate a potential building site before they put men and equipment at risk. The use of this device is becoming a requisite evaluation technique before any construction can be allowed to take place.

Imaging Can Locate Post Tension Cables
Concrete imaging can also locate post tension cables. Post tension cables are used in construction to provide support and increased strength to slabs of concrete. The great majority of post tension cables are typically made from high-strength strands of steel that are put in place before the pouring of concrete. These steel cables are normally laid out in a grid pattern that can be detected by the use of concrete imaging equipment.

Using Concrete Imaging To Find Rebar On Florida Building Sites
The Florida construction industry can also use imaging technology to locate old embedded underground rebar. Rebar is the abbreviated form of reinforcement bar. These reinforcing bars have a much longer history in the construction industry and have been used for hundreds of years in the building trade all over the world. The rebar grid pattern establishes the base for any concrete support in much the same fashion as the more modern design of post tension cables. Before the invention of imaging devices, work crews generally had no idea what they could encounter during a dig.

Imaging Allows For Safer Construction In Florida
Being able to locate post tension cables and rebar on a construction site has improved the safety of the construction industry. With today’s modern underground infrastructure consisting of miles of interrelated cables, phone lines, natural gas pipes, sewer systems, electrical power lines and many other types of embedded underground structures, a construction team can begin the necessary ground work fully aware of any dangers and areas to avoid.