Miami Concrete X-ray

Concrete x-ray scanning is used for evaluating a surface to identify areas for post tension cables and rebar reinforcments. This practice used to create markings for managing locations of embedments in slab even conduits before core drilling or similar activities are performed. Concrete x-ray Miami services provide quality non-destructive services that are safe and government aproved. 

Overview of x-ray services

Our concrete x-ray Miami services are necessary before renovation or repairs at all site. When in the process of planning for a major construction project, scanning concrete will cut risk tremendosuly on your site. During the process, substantial data is collected. The surface is marked as it is collected, which reduces the wait time for customers. Xray concrete Miami solutions identifies any potential issues beneath the surface that could interfere with the progress of the renovation project or cause a range of safety risks. X-ray services are non-invasive and won’t disturb the site. Electromagnetic radar technology offers the highest resolution and most accurate data.

How it is used

Concrete x-ray services detect any objects or obstructions beneath the surface. The data provided is used to navigate the site accurately so that no wiring is disturbed when drilling. This is done prior to any cutting, excavating or drilling. 

X-ray services can detect the following objects:

• Wiring and electrical conduits
• Storage tanks
• Post tension cables 
• Underground utilities

Understanding the process

The x-ray methodology using gpr is used to analyze the subsurface area for concrete surfaces. Sending Singals into the concrete through an antenna and bouncing back when hitting an obstuction, letting our concrete x-ray technincians know where the rebar, post tension cables or conduits are, 

How it is used in Miami buildings

X-ray services are used to detect and reinforce steel for major renovation projects that may include electrical outfitting, fire protection, plumbing services, duct work or installation. Any drilling required can be done with accuracy, minimizing the need for added costs associated with extra repairs. This process is used to detect voids in an area. . It is also used to detect any embedded electrical services. In being able to accurately identify any conduits, the excavation or renovation project can be completed with minimal safety risks. In order to protect the design and integrity of structure, any vulnerabilities like deterioration or corrosion need to be identified. X-raying accomplishes these goals.

These services expedite the renovation and reduce potential safety risks. If planning any type of renovation, excavation or extension project, contact our team of experts today to schedule an assessment.